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A computer informatic virus is a malware that is designed to alter the normal operation of thr computer, without the permission or knowledge of the user. The virus usually replace other executable files infected with this code. Viruses can destroy, intentionally, the data stored on a computer, although other more harmless, which is only known for being annoying.

Computer viruses are basically a spread function through software; they do not replicate themselves because they have no such a power as the worm witch are very harmful and some also contain a payload with different objectives from a single prank to do serious damage to systems or computer-generated of useless traffic.

The operation of a computer virus is conceptually simple. It runs a program that is infected, in most cases, due to ignorance of the user. The virus code is resident (stay) in the RAM of the computer, even if it contained the program has finished running. The virus then takes control of basic operating system services, infecting so later, executable files that are called for execution. Finally, add the code of the virus infected program is recorded on the disc, which replicated the process is complete.

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