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Solución a tus virus.

With the home computer service, you will have a VIRUS BUSTER professional computer technician, to solve and repair all your computer problems with the fastest service, best prices and quality repairs.

We specialize in installing Wi-Fi secure networks at home, elimination of malware, spyware and computer viruses.

Replacement and updating of hardware, repair and re-installation of any missing data, system recuperation and repair of damaged Word Files.

At VIRUS BUSTER, we care about customer satisfaction by providing tips and suggestions for improvement on your daily computer interaction or computer networking.

We cover the following informatic services:

Virus Buster Advantages

Ayuda Virus Buster
  • Home Computer Repairs.
  • Installing and optimizing your Internet connections (WiFi, ADSL, Cable.)
  • Clean viruses, spyware and malicious software.
  • Windows installation, configuration, drivers and basic programs.
  • Installing and configuring P2P download programs (eMule or similar).
  • Installation and configuration of computer networks.
  • Data Recovery and PC passwords.
  • Installation of peripherals and other components (Lectorecorders, Printers ...etc.).
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