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Over time, informatic is making strides in creating applications and games, that requires more resources, better processors and video cards, more Ram, etc…Moreover, the computer gradually deteriorates, hardware failure starts, dirt accumulates inside the computers causing damage to the microprocessor and other sensitive parts.

Because of that, we offer customized solutions.

In the area of hardware ( physical appearance of the PC ), VIRUS BUSTER performs the following tasks:

  • Installation and repair of computer peripherals and printers.
  • Expansion and replacement of:
    • Motherboards.
    • Memory RAM.
    • Hard drives.
    • Optical lectorecorders (CD, DVD, Blu Ray).
    • Sources and towers.
    • Microprocessors.
    • Internal fans.
    • Video cards.
    • Other internal devices.
  • Dust cleaning and thermal silicone replacement.
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